In those days, peace will vanish from the land.

Man will turn against man, neighbor against neighbor, son against father, and the people will say to themselves,

“Who is this god that we must worship him? Who is this god that demands love but would seal away his brother and sacrifice another in his place?

No longer will we follow this hypocritical god, but we will do as we wish and seek our own pleasures.”


And the people of the land will turn from their god, and will see a woman, adorned by robes of violet and jewels and treasures, and drinking from a cup of blasphemy and all unrighteousness.

She thrives on the souls of the holy, devouring the hearts of those who stray from their righteous ways. On her forehead is written, “Kedesha; whore of the realms.”

To those blinded by their own iniquities, she will appear beautiful. They will follow and she will entice them with lies and temptation to their wicked desires and their inevitable damnation.

Through their ignorance, and in their lust for power, they will submit themselves before her and her lord; the ruler of the world and all darkness, banished from the heavenly realms for his sin and bloodlust,

and he will be pleased.


                But there will be those, faithful to their god, who will see the abomination for what she is, and will stand against her and the rise of evil;

the return of righteousness from the world long lost; and the salvation for a world in turmoil; and they will bring


Justice for the fallen,

Hope for the unsure tomorrow,

Strength for the downtrodden,

Faith for the weary,

Peace for the lonely,

Wisdom for the discouraged,

And Love for the scorned


                And Anar spoke to them: ‘In a time of great peril, the ones I have promised will be summoned from another world, to save our land.”