by BellaRoisinDubh

Lose yourself in something you love

Back in September, a serious, long-term relationship ended. Since then I've been trying to remember who I am as a person.

I kept being told to go back to who I was before this guy.

That girl was 16, a sophomore in highschool, and loved to draw.

So I went back to Trinity, I got a real job as an RN, and I'm slowly finding myself again.

I got distracted for a while. I was unsure of myself and almost let someone else almost define me again, but Trinity started as my story,

so I'm going back to it: my first real passion.

I'm going to see Trinity through to the end, no matter who reads it, if anyone reads it, or if it takes me until I'm 40.

I don't ever plan on publishing it, I don't expect to ever make any money off if it.

This is for me, and if I happen to make people want to go on their computers to read along every Friday, then so be it :)

So I hope you've enjoyed the ride so far, and I hope you stick around until the end with me, Mia, Aiden, Narahiko and everyone else to come!

by BellaRoisinDubh




Well, the world of Zevera page has finally been edited. There's going to be more, but that's all for now. I'm way too busy with school to do much more :(

Anyway, I hope you guys are reading Between You and Me, too! ;D

Chapter three officially starts tomorrow! I guess that means I'll have to start scanning and editing stuff...

by BellaRoisinDubh

I need to draw more.

Not just Trinity. I think I want to do one of those challenge things. Every day I draw a different theme things. But I don't want to do one and start skipping ones I don't like after day 4. I've done them a couple times and that's always what happens.

Maybe I'll do it, and actually put more than 2 pictures on my Deviantart account and upload them here too....

But that involves more time, and my OCD brain won't allow me to do this unless I have a separate art book than the one I use for Trinity. And that's more money. That I don't have. It's nice to feel inspired for a few minutes...... Even if I feel defeated afterward.

by BellaRoisinDubh


When I first started writing Trinity, Mia was based on me. (duh. Even the name). But like all the other characters, she's totally different now.

The four best friends are based on my four best friends growing up. We're all still really close, and we were all homeschooled. But when I started Trinity, I started public high school, so there is some truth behind the backs story. But Aiden is still completely fictional.




by BellaRoisinDubh


Aiden is one of  the characters in Trinity who is based completely on fiction.

Mia originally started as an embodiement of myself, but like all the other characters, changed too much at this point to be anywhere true to the original.

I started writing Trinity at a serious crossroads in my life: high school, which is a big deal for anyone, but even more so for me. I was home schooled until 9th grade, so it wasn't just high school,  it was my first real school. When the story gets in to Mia's part you'll read more about that. Basically everything from Mia's point of view is true to how I felt when I was 13 years old, and Aiden was that one person that I hoped would reach out to me in high school so I wouldn't be alone (it ended up being awesome by the way).

The first pages of Trinity weren't actually written until 4 or 5 years ago, when the characters weren't anything like their originals anymore and so I gave Aiden more of a story.